06/13/2013 05:15 pm ET

Summer Ideas: 10 Rules To Guarantee Your Next Three Months Will Be Awesome


It's been nine long months and school's finally out for the summer. Unfortunately, as we all know too well, time flies twice as fast when there's no school, and it'll be time to pack away the sunblock and go back-to-school shopping before you know it. Sigh.

That's all the more reason to make sure your summer is absolutely epic -- and we've got a few ideas for you on how to do it. Here are 10 rules you can follow to guarantee that your summer will be filled with awesome and 100 percent devoid of suck.

1. Don't sleep the day away. Yes, there's pretty much no activity more wonderful than sleeping in on a weekend, but if you make a habit of it every day (depending on your summer job sched.), you're almost certainly going to miss out on exciting opportunities. Which brings us to our next rule...

2. Always be up for an adventure. Did the random girl from your summer job invite you to the beach with her friends (who you don't know)? Say yes! The most fun, random experiences will only happen when you force yourself to step out of your comfort zone.

3. Take advantage of things you can only do in the summertime. Whether that's skipping the gym for a run outside or taking your lunch break to the park, do what you can't do any other time of the year while you still can! This also means...

4. If the sun is out, you should be too. Seriously, whenever and however you can, get your butt outside!

5. Get your summer reading out of the way early. Waiting until the night before school starts to finish up summer assignments is pretty much the worst. Trust us.

6. Find a way to make some extra cash. If you're not working already (hey, summer campers!), think about dedicating some of your spare time to a project that will help you become more financially independent. This could mean offering to babysit for your neighbor or selling those used textbooks gathering dust in your closet. The future college-bound you will be thankful you did.

7. Unplug as often as possible. Whether its Tumblr, Instagram or Kik... whatever it is that you are most addicted to, challenge yourself to check it only once or twice per day. Sometimes, the best way to recharge is to force yourself to take a break from your technology-dependent schedule.

8. Don't stress about school-related problems. Hide your backpack, bury your papers in your desk... do whatever you have to do to give yourself emotional space from all things school-related. You have plenty of time to freak out over your class schedule come August.

9. Stay body positive. Think about the quote: "If you talked to your friends the way you talk to your body, you'd have no friends left." Treat your body like you would your best friend. You're stronger than the "get your best beach body!" messaging you see around you.

10. Don't be afraid to twerk, if and when the time calls for it. Seriously, Miley knows what's what.



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