06/13/2013 06:30 am ET Updated Jun 13, 2013

'The Real World: Portland' Finale: Did Johnny And Avery Get Nia Voted Out Of The House? (VIDEO)

It may have been their final three days together on the season finale of "The Real World: Portland," but that didn't mean it was too late to try and throw someone out of the house. Nia's behavior had been getting more and more erratic -- she had just physically attacked Johnny and Avery -- and so the house had a vote to see if she would get the boot.

Unfortunately for Johnny and Avery, the vote didn't go their way. So instead, they decided to leave the house early.

“I got exactly what I f*cking wanted. Avery and Johnny are clearly not gonna stay here," Nia said triumphantly.

Jessica's confessional made it look like she may have been afraid to vote Nia out. She said, "It’s very scary to me that Nia’s so violent and if I say, ‘Nia needs to go home,’ she might make my last few days here a living hell.”

Johnny and Avery did stick around. They moved into a hotel so they could finish out their time on the show with those members of the cast they did like. As for Nia, she said she had no regrets about anything she did on the show.

In two weeks, the new season of "The Challenge" -- featuring Jordan, Anastasia,Jessica and Marlon from "Portland" -- kicks off on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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