06/14/2013 02:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tom Hanks Bursitis Operaton Recorded By The Actor (VIDEO)

Tom Hanks seems like a great guy who can do no wrong. And because of that nice-guy reputation, he can get away with things that most other celebrities can't. So when he posts a mildly gross video of himself getting a bursitis in his elbow drained, is it surprising that it still comes off as kind of awesome?

Earlier on Thursday, Hanks posted a picture of his elbow that was clearly not looking normal, adding "Should I get this swollen elbow looked at?"

And then he treated us to what must be his directorial debut in the world of medical-procedure filmmaking. Warning, if you're put-off by the sight of blood, you may not want to watch. Instead here's a happier, bloodless video of him playing that giant piano in "Big"!

For the rest of you, please proceed...

Tom Hanks on WhoSay



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