06/14/2013 03:54 pm ET

Bill Clinton Reveals How He Knew Florida Would Go To The Democrats In 2012 (VIDEO)

Former President Bill Clinton revealed on Friday why he felt confident that Democrats would win Florida in the 2012 elections.

"I looked in the eyes of [the people in line to vote]... and I said, 'If they have to stay here 'til tomorrow morning, they are going to vote,'" Clinton said. "That's when I realized that our side would win Florida."

Clinton was referencing the long early voting lines in Florida ahead of last fall's presidential election, which had many voters facing record wait times and extended time in the sun. Gov. Rick Scott (R) approved an order to fix Florida's early voting problems in May 2013.

Clinton's comments came during an interview with MSNBC's Alex Wagner that included a longer discussion on immigration reform. The former president highlighted Republicans' struggles with outreach to Latinos.

"It's not a winning political strategy to alienate all these Hispanic voters," Clinton said.

Clinton said hes "55 to 60" percent confident an immigration reform bill will soon pass.

Watch Clinton's comments above.



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