06/14/2013 02:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Daddy Yankee's 'Noche De Los Dos' Music Video Featuring Natalia Jimenez Premieres (VIDEO)

By Ikam Acosta


There’s a new Daddy Yankee video debuting Friday June 14, ‘A La Noche De Los 2,’ featuring Spanish singer Natalia Jimenez.

‘A La Noche De Los 2′ was directed by Jessy Terrero, who has worked with Yankee on many of his past videos such as ‘Pose’, ‘Rompe’, and ‘Limbo’. ‘A La Noche’ was filmed in a Los Angeles nightclub, and shows lots of sexy dancers doing their thing, trying to show the men who in fact is the boss of the LA nightlife scene.

This collaboration with Yankee was the first time Natalia joins forces with an urban artist, and she felt it was “an unforgettable experience.”

Yankee was really happy to have Natalia collaborate with him on this project, He said:

"I wanted it to be Natalia first because of her undeniable talent, and second by of her charisma and beauty. She was the perfect singer for this song and I was right to chose her. Now that I've seen the video and the final product I'm sure it will be welcomed by the public. It's the first time she collaborates with an urban artist and I am very grateful that he accepted my invitation, I know that her fans will really enjoy seeing her [in the video]. "

Daddy is currently on a European tour which will hit major cities like Paris, Milan, Madrid, and 9 other stops. You can visit Yankee‘s website for more information on tour dates and catch the latest news.

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