06/14/2013 07:50 am ET

Dublin Travel: Ireland's Capital Has The Cutest Tourism Campaign Probably Ever


File this under too cute for words.

Dublin offers its tourists a unique view of the city by way of City of a Thousand Welcomes. Started by a local Dubliner in 2011, the program allows first-time visitors to grab a pint or a cup of tea with a of charge. As the program says on its website, "The short-term goal is to give visitors a really positive first impression of Dublin. The long-term goal is to bolster the city’s reputation as a place where ‘great hospitality’ is more than just a slogan." While it's certainly not a new program, it's completely endearing. Remember New York's "Just Ask a Local" campaign from a few years back? Not as cute.

Iceland has conducted similar tourism expansion projects in the past, including a 2011 campaign called "Inspired by Iceland" which had citizens from around the country offer up experiences to visitors and a 2012 campaign that asked people to rename the island nation.

What do you think? Would you hang out with a local Dubliner upon first arriving in the city or do you find this weird? Leave it in comments.



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