06/14/2013 04:44 am ET

'Graceland': Mike's Investigation Into Paul May Be Over Before It Really Begins (VIDEO)

Mike is still pretty green as an undercover agent on "Graceland." That could be why he proved himself not quite good enough to lie effectively to Paul. Or it could be that Paul has been at this a lot longer than Mike has.

Either way, if fans thought they'd get to watch as Mike investigated Paul for a while -- per the special assignment he received last week -- they're probably going to be disappointed. This week, Paul went way off the book in a takedown plot, and Mike nearly called the agency on him. Later, he told Paul he was just checking his messages.

Paul clearly didn't buy that, as the episode ended with him luring Mike to the docks. There, he pulled a gun on him.

“Who you been talking to?” Paul demanded.

The Examiner called it an "amazing" cliffhanger, saying that the drama unfolding between the two leads is "unrivaled." TV Fanatic agreed, and went on to say that those final 30 seconds make it look like everything may come to a head a lot sooner than we thought. Most USA shows drag out the main plot for years and years, but "Graceland" appears to be moving quickly. Or it's still establishing what it's long-term arc is going to be.

Things are happening quickly now on "Graceland," Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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