06/14/2013 02:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Joe Scarborough Accuses NRA Of 'Race-Baiting' In Ad Showing Obama (VIDEO)

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Joe Scarborough repeated his allegations that the NRA was guilty of "race-baiting" in its new ad on Friday.

Scarborough was referring to the organization's ad targeting Senator Joe Manchin, a lifelong member of the NRA who led a bipartisan effort to pass expanded background checks on gun purchases. Scarborough criticized the way the ad portrayed President Obama, saying on Thursday's "Morning Joe," “He’s shaded awfully. I think the shading is rather dramatic on the side of his face.”

He compared the ad to Time magazine's 1994 OJ Simpson cover. The cover drew controversy for featuring an image of Simpson that had been shaded, and that critics said made him appear more menacing. “It just seems patently obvious what they’re doing,” Scarborough said about the NRA on Thursday.

He repeated the allegations on Friday, saying that the image of Obama had clearly been photoshopped. "It’s so obvious, look at his hands," Scarborough said. "It looks like he’s a coal miner from West Virginia. Look how dark they made his hands."

"I have been critical of those on the left when they have used race and... it happens every election, to race bait," Scarborough added. "I'm going to be critical when people on my side on the right do the same thing. This is an example."

The MSNBC host has criticized the NRA and Republicans on gun control in the wake of the Newtown shooting in December. He criticized the NRA for making what he called "stupid" arguments on guns, and profiting off the "slaughter" in Newtown. He famously declared that the tragedy made the ideologies of his past "no longer relevant."

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