06/14/2013 11:13 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kate Upton At 18 Looks Exactly The Same As She Does Today (PHOTO)

Happy Flashback Friday! Today we're taking a look back at Kate Upton's (sort of) humble beginnings. While the model just celebrated her 21st birthday, Reddit user digitron has unearthed a Polaroid of Kate taken when the aspiring model was three years younger -- at the tender age of 18.

Kate looks pretty much unchanged since the days of this test shot, which is dated June 2010 (just a year before her recently repurposed Victoria's Secret snaps) and bears an "IMG" scribble, likely referring to the modeling agency that took Upton in.

With her signature pout and long blonde locks, the baby-faced Sports Illustrated stunner looks unmistakable. Though she's clearly grown since the Polaroid was taken, teenage Kate displays all the makings of a model superstar. We wonder if the photographer could sense she'd make it onto the cover of Vogue someday...


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All Things Kate Upton

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