06/14/2013 08:25 pm ET

Kelly Slater Perfect Score: Surfer Scores 20.00 In Volcom Fiji Pro Quarterfinal Heat (VIDEO)

Kelly Slater achieved perfection earlier this week.

The legendary professional surfer notched a flawless 20.00 score during a quarterfinal heat at the Volcom Fiji Pro on Tuesday. According to, this was just the fourth perfect heat score ever tallied in ASP history.

Slater would go on to win the event and currently sits atop the ASP World Championship Tour Rankings.

“The waves are the stars today,” Slater later said, via ASP International. “When they come, they’re unbelievable."

Attempting to put Slater's latest performance and career in perspective for those who don't follow professional surfing, Mark Lukach of The Daily Beast evoked a name that sports fan across the globe will find familiar: Michael Jordan.

"A vocal contingent of surf writers consider Slater the greatest athlete of all time," wrote Lukach on Wednesday. "Nonbelievers say that Kelly Slater is the Michael Jordan of surfing; surfers insist that it's Michael Jordan who is the Kelly Slater of basketball."



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