06/14/2013 12:37 pm ET Updated Jun 19, 2013

Lulu App Is Like 'Yelp For Men': Here Are 20 Descriptive Hashtags We Think They Should Add

Lulu, an app created by entrepreneur Alexandra Chong, lets women rate their male friends, lovers and ex-boyfriends like restaurants. Unsurprisingly, it's gotten quite a bit of attention since its February launch.

The app allows users (women only) to sign in through Facebook and rate men they know using various pre-written hashtags. Examples include #AlwaysPays, #RespectsWomen, #Boring and #WearsEdHardy. Men can't use the app, but they can remove themselves if their reviews make them uncomfortable. Chong told BuzzFeed in February that Lulu is meant to be "a place you can talk about the good and the bad."

However, some women have found the app to be more creepy than useful. "It’s the textual equivalent of leaking your ex’s naked pics to the Internet -- it’s not wrong because it’s sexual, it’s wrong because it’s nonconsensual," wrote Slate's Amanda Hess.

Honestly, we're more in the camp of "just go out with a dude if you want to and make your own judgments -- no need to blast your thoughts to everyone," but since Lulu exists, we thought that we'd make a few suggestions. Here are 20 hashtags Chong should consider for her "Yelp for Men":

Some Negatives...










Some Positives...










What do you think of Lulu? Leave any (appropriate) hashtag suggestions in the comments.



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