06/14/2013 12:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Movie Stars At The Box Office: Who Has The Most Global Hits Over The Last Decade?

What makes a movie star a movie star?

Judging by results so far in 2013, it's no longer just their name; this year, movies led by Melissa McCarthy and Ethan Hawke have performed better than those led by Vince Vaughn and Will Smith. It's no mystery that the landscape for leading men and women in Hollywood is changing -- something Mark Harris detailed in a piece for GQ back in February -- but one thing has remained consistent over the last decade: money is still money, and $200 million is a lot of money.

In an effort to suss out which movie stars are still kings and queens of the hill, HuffPost has compiled global box office data from the decade for a group Hollywood's biggest names. Which star has the most films over $200 million in ticket sales worldwide? Well, not Ethan Hawke.

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