06/14/2013 04:43 am ET Updated Jun 14, 2013

'Save Me' Finale: Betty White Portrays God As Beth Finally Meets With The Divine (VIDEO)

"Save Me" had some star power saved up for its first season -- and probably series -- finale. Beth passed out during a charity race she'd put together to save the hospital her daughter was born in. She'd gotten sick the day of the race but insisted on running anyway.

While she was fighting for her life in the real world, she found herself in a strange theater confronting a familiar face. God had taken the form of Betty White, explaining that it was a comforting form for people to encounter.

Later in the episode, Beth returned to the theater only to find God in a different form. It was set up as a potential recurring scene for the series, which could have opened up the possibility for some fun guest stars playing God. Alas, the show just wasn't working creatively, and it certainly wasn't working for viewers.

Only about 2 million people turned in over the sitcom's first three weeks -- NBC burned off two episodes per week until this finale. The network clearly had no faith in it either, though. They did hold off on debuting it until after the regular season was over.

All that said, TVLine reminds the show's fans that NBC has yet to make an official decision on "Save Me," but we should probably consider it canceled anyway. But Betty White will be back before you know it. The fourth season of "Hot in Cleveland" kicks off Wednesday night with a live episodeon TV Land.

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