06/14/2013 08:00 am ET

'Swamp People': Kristi Returns After A Long Hiatus, Falls Into The Water With A Gator (VIDEO)

Kristi returned to hunting after a pretty long hiatus on "Swamp People." But her return was almost very short-lived. In fact, she very nearly lost her life after she and Liz hooked a monster gator. Their line was tangled around their cane pole. The pole was stuck in nearly three feet of thick mud, so when the women went to pull it out, Kristi accidentally fell into the water ... with the gator.

The gator reacted quickly, lunging for Kristi in the water. Thankfully, Liz was just as quick with her reaction, pulling the beast back so that Kristi could get out of the water.

Liz finally got the line untangled and managed to snag the gator, but the incident left Kristi shaken. She struggled for most ofth day, hunting in fear. At one point, she was so shaky that it took her nine shots to kill one gator.

Examiner said that Kristi was clearly out of practice, but she'll get her groove back soon enough. By the end of the episode, she did manage to take out one enormous alligator with one shot. She has to shake off the cobwebs of her long hiatus on top of shaking off the nerves of her near-death experience.

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