06/14/2013 08:01 am ET Updated Jun 14, 2013

'Vampire Diaries' Star Kat Graham Reveals She Was Living In Poverty Just Before Landing Her Role (VIDEO)

Perhaps because it was in the warmth of his home with his family surrounding them, but "The Vampire Diaries" star Kat Graham revealed something she said she'd never told anyone before on "The Show with Vinny."

“When I booked ‘Vampire Diaries’ I had 86 cents to my name and I had a lot of debt," she admitted. Graham was a true starving artist. Even after booking the show, though, Graham kept herself on a tight budget, though she did move out of her mother's one-bedroom apatment.

"When I booked ‘Vampire Diaries’ I thought I was gonna get killed off, so I wanted to save my money," Graham said. "So, I stayed in a place that was, it was $500 a month.”

Ironically, she was killed off, though it didn't happen until Season 4. Even better, the death of her character, Bonnie, isn't going to keep her from being a series regular next season.

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