06/15/2013 10:59 am ET

Denver Zoo Welcomes Birth Of Endangered Grevy's Zebra Foal

The Denver Zoo welcomed the birth of an endangered baby zebra on Thursday.

The still-unnamed foal is a female Grevy's (Greh-veez) zebra, an endangered zebra that inhabits Kenya and parts of Ethiopia. According to the Denver Zoo they can be identified by their stripes, which are much narrower compared to other zebra species and their longer legs. They are also the largest species of zebra.

The foal was the third birth to mother Topaz, and a male zebra named Punda.

Zookeepers say the pair are doing well and the foal is busy exploring her new surroundings.

Loss of habitat, poaching and grazing competition have contributed to the decline of the Grevy's zebra, and today there are fewer than 2,000 remaining. The Grevy's zebra is named for French President Jules Grevy to whom the first known specimen of the animal was sent in 1882.