06/15/2013 11:17 am ET Updated 4 days ago

Dianna Agron Blonde: Redhead Actress Reverts Back To Her Golden Colored Tresses (PHOTOS)


Dianna Agron is back to blond.

The "Glee" star, who will next appear alongside Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie "The Family," showed off her golden locks at the MySpace party this week.

After being a redhead for all of two months, Agron hit the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, Calif. wearing a floral Marc Jacobs skirt, a crisp white top and white pumps, her blonde hair stick straight and her bangs swept to the side.

But going back to her honey-colored roots is hardly the most dramatic change the 27-year-old has gone through. Agron had previously cut her hair into a bob and streaked it pink for her role on "Glee."


dianna agron blonde

dianna agron blonde