06/16/2013 12:10 am ET

Father's Day Art: Best Portrayals Of Fatherhood From The Heartwarming To The Bizarre (PHOTOS)

On this momentous occasion of Father's Day, we'd like to honor all the Dads out there for their guidance, wisdom and love. Just to show how much we care, we've compiled some of our favorite representations of fatherhood in the arts.

The fathers depicted below range from heartwarming to outright bizarre. (All those corny dad jokes don't seem so bad after seeing "Saturn Devouring His Son," do they?) From Adam and his dear old Dad, God, to the paternal figures behind greats like Degas and Van Gogh, the following proud papas are as influential as they are eclectic.

What we're trying to say is: Thank you Dads of the world! We realize and appreciate all your hard work, even if we don't say it enough. Enjoy the slideshow below and have a happy, happy Father's Day!

Father's Day Art