06/17/2013 09:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pro Tips: 9 Office Power Moves To Get Ahead At Work (PHOTOS)


1. Bathroom power move
If someone is inside a stall in the office bathroom, whisper "I know it's you." Make sure to use an accusatory tone.
bathroom stall

2. Popcorn power move
If your office has a microwave, make popcorn. Set the popcorn in a common area, but be sure to monitor it. As soon as someone goes to take some, sternly ask, "What are you doing?"

3. Elevator power move
Ask coworkers on the elevator what floor they're going to. Lock eyes as you press the wrong button. Be sure to say "Oops, my mistake" but make it obvious that you're being sarcastic. Maintain eye contact for the full elevator ride.

4. Coffee power move
Station yourself at the office coffee pot. Each time someone pours a fresh cup, say "That coffee looks awfully hot." Follow it up with "Are you sure you can take the heat?"
coffee pot

5. Stolen pen power move
If one of your coworkers is using a pen, say "I think you stole my pen." If they try to give it back, refuse and say, "No, it looks like you need it more than I do." Then place an entire box of pens on his or her desk. Consider adding an eye roll.

6. Meeting power move
If you're in a meeting, wait for someone to make a suggestion. Interrupt with "Do you think this is a game?"

7. Water cooler power move
If a coworker is getting water from the water cooler, say "Whoa there, sailor, looks like someone is reeeeeeally into water." Optional alternative: "Hey cowboy, easy on the water."
water cooler

8. Office fridge power move
If your office has a shared fridge, fill it up with empty plastic containers. If a coworker tries to find space for her lunch, make a dramatic sad face and say "Oh, I'm sorry. Looks like we're all booked up." Again, be as sarcastic as possible.
office fridge

9. Old fashioned trip-and-fall power move
When all else fails, stick your leg out and trip any unsuspecting person walking around a corner. They'll look foolish and you'll gain confidence.



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