06/17/2013 10:35 am ET

Lois Lane And The Case For The Female Superhero Movie


Just moments after we first meet Amy Adams' incarnation of Lois Lane in Man of Steel she looks up at Christopher Meloni's colonel and says, as a transition, "if we're done measuring dicks..." Even in this oh-so-serious superhero movie, it comes as a shock: finally an attempt to characterize our heroine as a modern shit-talking, hard-drinking, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. But as the movie goes on that version of Lois deflates. She's relegated to minor heroics, aided by Superman's daddy Jor-El, and make out scenes with the hero. That's not entirely the fault of the character. Everyone in this movie gets dwarfed as the buildings start to fall. The early glimpses of Lois are not perfect, but they show us why more-than-ever we need a female superhero.

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