06/17/2013 04:48 pm ET Updated Jun 18, 2013

Dan Harmon Did Not Like 'Community' Season 4


Dan Harmon, the fired and re-hired creator of "Community," has now watched the fourth season of his cult comedy. And he didn't like what he saw when the show was under the direction of replacement showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port.

"I watched ['Community'] Season 4. I guess I already knew this, but apparently I'm quite a genius. It was weird. I think I pretty feel pretty comfortable expressing any kind of like, 'Eh, not my cup of tea' about it, because ... this has been expressed a thousand times over, it's obviously not somebody doing what they do, and trying really hard to make people happy. It is very much like an impression, and an unflattering one. It's just 13 episodes of, 'Oh, I'm Dan Harmon! Die Hard!'" Harmon said on his latest Harmontown podcast.

"The weird thing that keeps eating at me is there's a system in place that's winning. Because I would have had too much leverage, too much salary [entering a fourth season]. They just flushed us, replaced us with two guys that didn't know what they were getting into... And I think they tried their best ... and that was their most admirable impulse, to not let these people down.

[Sony] accidentally, in the quest to recoup their investment, they made a TV show with a bunch of actors that make people really happy, and we got 13 more episodes. I like the idea that we've laced the opiate with a little bit of activation and a little bit of humanity."

"Community" was renewed for Season 5 in May, and in a recent interview with HuffPost TV, Joel McHale said he's glad Harmon is returning. "Dan is the voice of the show and there's nobody else on the planet like him, so when it started happening that he was coming back, I became as excited as a little boy on Christmas morning -- who celebrates Christmas. I'm thrilled he's back, [along with] Chris McKenna, who wrote 'Remedial Chaos Theory.'"

McHale also hinted at the creative void Harmon's departure left. "I think when you had such a strong voice with Dan ... you didn't know where it was going, but you really felt like, 'We know the tone of what we're doing,' and without him, that was harder."

'Community' Season 4