06/17/2013 04:06 pm ET

Jay-Z Twitter Rant: Shawn Carter Breaks His Twitter Silence For 'Magna Carta'


Jay-Z got chatty on Monday, breaking his usual habit of staying away from excessive social media usage and going on a short Twitter rant.

It's already been a busy week for the 43-year-old rapper, as he announced on Sunday evening that he will be dropping a new album on July 4. Called "Magna Carta Holy Grail," the album is being released through a partnership with Samsung. The company purchased 1 million copies of the upcoming project, planning to distribute the album to users of the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S 4, and Galaxy Note II.

Jay-Z took issue with the way the purchased albums were being counted towards his total albums sold. Jay-Z, who has a habit of tweeting once a month at most, tweeted five times about the album. He took the chance to discuss the "#newrules" of music, as well as promote two artists signed to his Roc Nation, Wale and J. Cole. Hov ended the tangent by acknowledging his lack of social media involvement, telling fans he would be back on Twitter next year.

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