06/17/2013 12:11 pm ET

Korean Owl Video: Man Politely Asks Bird To Wake Up

No, this poor owl did not have too much to drink, although that's pretty much how he's being addressed.

In this short YouTube video posted June 15, a man gently prods an owl that flew into a large window to see if the bird of prey is all right.

The owl groggily opens his eyes and looks up at the man before getting up with a bit of a start. (The mark the owl appears to have made upon impact can be seen in the video's opening shot.)

Reddit users translated what the man said to the owl.

"He's saying: 'Mister... mister... get your wits together,'" observed user theony. "I think it's adorable that he calls it 'mister.'"

"He's speaking to that owl like he would speak to a passed-out drunken man on the street," another user added.

At time of writing, the video had received about 148,000 YouTube views and had risen to the top of a Reddit video forum, where it received more than 3,000 "upvotes."

Although a lot of users liked the video for its comedic value, some were concerned the owl may have suffered a broken wing as a result of the impact.

According to the Audubon Society of Portland, an estimated 1 billion birds die in the United States each year from crashes with windows, but many such impacts are not fatal. The society's website offers advice for what to do with a stunned bird that has struck a window:

"[Place] the bird in a small box. Line the box with a towel and place half the box on a heating pad set on low. Give the bird a small bowl of water, but no food. Do not attempt to force the bird to drink. Place the box in a warm quiet place. Check the bird in 1 hour. If the bird is alert, active and able to fly, then release it immediately."

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