06/17/2013 04:46 pm ET Updated Jun 18, 2013

Lindsey Vonn Opens Up About Tiger Woods Relationship


Lindsey Vonn has become tabloid fodder and the subject of negative online comments since announcing her relationship with Tiger Woods.

But the Olympic skier, who split from husband and former coach Thomas Vonn in 2011, told the New York Times late last week that her experience with divorce taught her how to ignore the naysayers and focus on her own happiness.

“I’m not an idiot; I try not to look, but I see what people say about me on Facebook,” Vonn said. “I see other things written. But I don’t care. I learned a while ago from my divorce that my happiness is the most important thing. That’s all I can control. And right now, I’m happy.”

Perhaps some of Vonn's happiness can be credited to her blossoming relationship with Woods. The two confirmed that they were dating in March 2013, after media reports suggested the two were more than friends in January 2013.

Vonn even compared their relationship to one between a husband and wife in the New York Times.

“We talk golf after his golf rounds, but mostly I listen. We really are normal in that way," she said. "Lots of people go home and talk to their wife or husband about their job. That’s what we do."

Woods divorced Elin Nordegren in August 2010 after his numerous affairs came to light.

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