06/17/2013 05:52 pm ET Updated Jun 17, 2013

Megyn Kelly Disses Scott Pelley (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly responded to CBS News' Scott Pelley on her Monday Fox News show, arguing that the "CBS Evening News" host undersold Fox News' ratings.

In an interview released last week, Pelley spoke with Deadline about broadcast and cable news. He mentioned that nightly news programs across broadcast networks bring in far more viewers than similar programs on cable news. When asked about the perceived political biases at cable networks like Fox News and MSNBC, Pelley said, "[Those networks have] decided to bite off one small part of the viewership and be happy with that 200,000 viewers, 300,000 viewers that they have. But when you are talking to 7 million viewers across the country, man you have got to represent everybody’s views and have got to give them the impression that you are being as honest as you know how to be," he said.

Kelly defended Fox News and its ratings. "Well we beat you on all the debates and the election nights, Scott," Kelly said. "But okay! Okay, that's what Fox News did."

(H/t Mediaite)



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