06/17/2013 02:45 pm ET

TattooLaPalooza 2013 Photos: Jipsy Hits Miami's Skin Convention (PHOTOS)



The three-day TattooLaPalooza Miami was held over the weekend at the Hyatt Regency downtown, where skin art enthusiast gathered together to either get or give ink. The ink literally flowed during our visit Saturday night as contests, seminars, and live art took place. The sound of the tattoo machine is similar to the sound of a the drill at the dentist's, only here, it’s a welcomed and soothing hum.

But there is still pain, no matter what you hear, and there are several ways to manage a needle puncturing your skin during a session. One is to close your eyes and meditate your pain away, or text your friends and concentrate on the conversation while there’s a needle carving into your skin. Then there are those who smile as one guy did when he was getting both legs inked by two separate artists.

Some just get inked because it’s Tuesday and others need to make a whole history of the design down to selecting the artist. A name that keeps popping up is Boris Bianchi, who was busy working at the convention, while Tesoro Carolina just begun her apprenticeship under the skills of Society Ink and is planning on her first skin later this year.

A memorable moment was finding Jessica Rivero, 28, getting her first tattoo with artist Louie G. from Fame Tattoos. “I always wanted one and never knew what, and my sister in-law had printed this and I thought it was pretty cool,” said Rivero, who decided to get her first tattoo right there and then. “We were walking by and saw all the work they had done and they have pretty good work, so here I am.”

And just when I thought Father’s Day was just hanging with your old man BBQing and watching sports, there was one dad who spent his pre-Father’s Day with his kid at the convention -- only this 8- or 9-year-old boy was shirtless with some pretty good marker tattoos on his torso, created by his dad. It warmed my heart. -- JIPSY

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