06/18/2013 12:07 pm ET

CPS Teacher: I Am Not A Racist, Gay Porn Actor, As Blogger Claims


Story by Adeshina Emmanuel, courtesy DNAinfo Chicago:

UPTOWN — A Chicago Public Schools teacher is considering legal action and pushing back against a local conservative blogger who accused him of being a racist stripper with a porno past.

Kevin DuJan, the same conservative blogger who speculated that President Barack Obama is a gay man with a cocaine habit, posted a story on his HillBuzz blog on May 28 titled "Public School Shocker: Gay Porn Actor and Male Stripper Employed As Teacher at Joseph Stockton Elementary School in Chicago!"

The post accused 34-year-old Bradley Balof, a middle school teacher at Stockton with a "superior" rating from CPS, of starring in pornographic films and making racist jokes about his black students.

CPS says it is investigating the teacher — who denies DuJan's accusations and is contemplating legal action.

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