06/18/2013 01:19 pm ET

Dr. Lance Everett Wyatt Acquitted Of Charges Of Illegally Filming Undressed Patients (VIDEO)

Dr. Lance Everett Wyatt, a Sherman Oaks plastic surgeon known to national television audiences, has been found not guilty after being accused of secretly videotaping female patients during examinations, CBS reports in the video above.

Dr. Wyatt was arrested Aug. 2012, still in bloodied scrubs just after a surgery, notes CBS2. He faced four misdemeanor counts relating to the videotapes and two misdemeanor counts of sexual battery and battery. A jury acquitted him Wednesday of all six counters following a ten-week trial.

Wyatt’s attorney told CBS the camera was in the examination room because of a recent hire who was aware she was being monitored. When another patient came in, the camera accidentally turned on, he said.

The City Attorney’s office told CBS that it will no longer pursue the case.

The state medical board has not yet released restrictions requiring a third party to be present during any examinations by the doctor, Patch reports. The board could schedule a hearing or close the investigation without a hearing.

“I think that it was a very traumatic experience for most of us. Certainly it was for myself. I’m really focused on just moving forward at this point,” Dr. Wyatt said to CBS. “It’s given, at least me, a sense of commitment. It’s really made me appreciate what I have, how quickly it can be taken away from you.”

Dr. Wyatt, who markets himself as a plastic surgeon for celebrities, is somewhat of a celebrity himself. Wyatt was on "20/20" with Barbara Walters and on the TV show "Doctors." He also has a regular thread on Reddit called "IAmA Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles" where he answers the public's questions about plastic surgery.

According to Wyatt's website, he graduated from UCLA, worked as a fellow at Harvard Medical School, authored six textbook chapters and was named one of the "50 Leaders of Tomorrow" by EBONY.




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