06/18/2013 05:31 am ET

'Honey Do': Husbands Watch As Shirtless Hunks Do All Those Tasks They Were Suppose To (VIDEO)

TLC has a new entry in the world of bizarre reality television experiments. A two-part special called "Honey Do" featured shirtless men running around a woman's house and taking on all the projects her husband failed to complete. As The Idaho Press put it, every wife has a "honey do" list, they just don't all have hunky honeys to do it.

But that's not all. At Veronica's house, the gorgeous guys were not only tackling all those little things she needed done around the house, but they were giving her foot rubs. "My house turned into a spa ... combined with a construction site ... combined with a GQ Magazine fashion show," she said. "And I had a very nice view.”

Her husband, Michael, wasn't too thrilled about any of it. He called out the men for working without clothes on, and at one point said, "I’m pissed. I’m ready to knock somebody out.”

The guys did put Michael to work, tackling his ownp roject -- renovating the couple's patio. And pushing him to the edge appears to be the point of the show. So the guys stripped down and got to work -- and they did a good job, fixing pretty much every problem in Veronica’s house. They even put Veronica’s husband Michael to work on his own project, renovating the couple’s patio.

Pushing husbands to the edge like that is one of the points of the show. The cast told "Today" that the idea is to show up these husbands who haven't done these tasks. This way they feel the need to step up, take on the guys and prove their own worth to their wives.

For now, "Honey Do" is just a two-episode special. If it proves a hit, expect TLC to jump on board for more episodes.

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