06/18/2013 08:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Isabella Rossellini's Style: Her Best Fashion Moments So Far (PHOTOS)

Isabella Rossellini was destined to be a star. Not only was she born into a Hollywood dynasty (her mother was Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman and her father was the Italian director Roberto Rossellini), but she basically grew up on film sets, surrounded by glamorous people. Though Rossellini didn't begin her lucrative modeling career until she was 28 (which is unheard of in this day and age), she still went on to become one of the most recognizable A-listers of all time.

In celebration of Isabella Rossellini's 61st birthday on today (June 18), we are talking a look back at some of her best style moments to date. Whether she's in a simple T-shirt or a long black dress, she always looks picture perfect. Here are 10 reasons why Isabella is a sartorial star:

1. It's clear that she got it from her mama.
isabella rossellini style

2. She can wear a white T-shirt better than just about anyone.
isabella rossellini style

3. She can pull off a pixie haircut.
isabella rossellini style

4. And '80s hair.
isabella rossellini style

5. She understands that less is more.
isabella rossellini style

6. But sometimes more is more.
isabella rossellini style

7. She is never afraid to try new trends.
isabella rossellini

8. She looks good cloaked in baby pink.
isabella rosselini style

9. She knows that all you need is a great statement coat.
isabella rossellini style

10. Or a bevy of necklaces.
isabella rossellini style

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