06/18/2013 05:00 pm ET

John Zawahri Buried With Father, Brother In Santa Monica (VIDEO)

Santa Monica shooter John Zawahri was laid to rest at Woodlawn Cemetery Monday alongside his first two victims: his father, Samir Zawahri, and his brother, Christopher Zawahri.

A handful of family members attended the private funeral service, but neither their small numbers nor their shared grief were enough to bridge the division between the remaining Zawahri family and Randa Abdou, the shooter's mother.

"She's not talking to me," said Mansour El Zawahri to CBS2 in the video above. “She did not give me any condolences or anything like that.”

El Zawahri, who was the shooter's uncle, had traveled from Canada to California for the funeral and apologized on behalf of his family to the families of John Zawahri's other victims.

"John, unfortunately, was spoiled, ungrateful ... And what he did is evil, evil, evil,” he said.

Watch the video above or check out CBS2 to learn more about what El Zawahri had to say about his nephew and the life he led.

Authorities said John Zawahri went on a shooting rampage June 7 that left six dead, including himself.



Santa Monica Shooting Rampage