06/18/2013 08:51 am ET

Juan Williams Flips Out At Bill O'Reilly Over IRS Scandal (VIDEO)

Juan Williams had quite the reaction on Monday night when Bill O'Reilly argued that President Obama seemed like he did not want to solve controversies currently brewing in Washington.

O'Reilly argued that Obama's administration had not been honest with the public about what happened in Benghazi, the IRS' targeting of Tea Party groups and the National Security Agency's "snooping around private communications." O'Reilly criticized FBI Director Robert Mueller, who said before a House Judiciary Committee that he did not know who was leading the investigation into the IRS Tea Party scandal.

"I'm sure he's a patriot," O'Reilly said of Mueller. "He walks in and he tells Congress, 'I don't know who's the lead investigator.' That's like me not knowing who's on 'The Factor' tonight!"

"That's not true! That's not true!" Williams yelled. "The FBI is a massive organization."

"Massive?" O'Reilly laughed. "This is huge and he doesn't know who the lead investigator is, Juan!"

Williams and O'Reilly went back and forth for some time. The two Fox News personalities have clashed over the IRS scandal before. Earlier this month, Williams defended the IRS spending large sums of money for what O'Reilly called "entertaining" purposes.



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