06/18/2013 11:24 am ET

Koala Walks Into House In Australia, Makes Itself At Home (VIDEO)

For one inquisitive koala, its willingness to venture inside a South Australian home paid off -- with a refreshing bowl of water.

In a video posted on YouTube recently, a koala walks into a house and takes a stroll around. Adelaide Hills resident Alicia Alexander managed to capture the unusual sight on film and followed the marsupial as it made its way around her home.

"Uh oh," Alexander says in the video as the koala crosses the threshold into the house and waddles over to her. "Are you thirsty?"

Alexander, who has a blog devoted to koalas, is no stranger to this particular marsupial, which she often sees around her home. She explains in the video post: "I was delighted to find a koala on the front doorstep on my way out to work. She decides to walk in and make herself at home. This is a wild koala, yet so trusting and curious!"

As Alexander notes, the local weather was rather warm and dry when she filmed the koala make itself at home, so it's likely that the marsupial was in need of refreshment. Though koalas typically obtain moisture from the leaves of eucalyptus trees -- the animal's primary food source -- in times of drought, koalas may need to seek out other sources of water, according National Geographic.

The Australian Koala Foundation recommends that residents living near a koala habitat be cautious of the creatures and attempt to make properties more koala-friendly by maintaining natural vegetation, using an appropriate type of fence and ensuring that open swimming pools are secured. The non-profit organization also suggests that locals place a container of water near a koala's "home tree" when the weather is particularly hot.

In another video, Alexander does just that, taping a bowl of water near the top of a fence on her property for her furry neighbor to drink.

Koalas live primarily in eastern Australia, where their main source of food is the most prevalent; however, the pouched mammals are also commonly seen in South Australia. Although the koala is classified as a species of least concern on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species, Australia lists the animal as threatened in certain areas due to urban expansion and climate change.



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