06/18/2013 02:30 pm ET

Kristen Stewart Photo: Actress Looks As Awkward As You'd Expect At 'Hooters' (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Where has Kristen Stewart been hiding since her split from Robert Pattinson? Amarillo, Texas, at a "Hooters" no less -- and there are even pictures to prove it (although KStew didn't want them to surface).

Over the weekend Stewart hit up "Hooters" for their famous Daytona chicken wings and beer, and although she reportedly tried to keep a low profile by sitting with her back to the restaurant, a guy spotted her. When she was eating he asked her if she was Kristen Stewart, and she said "yes." When he asked if he could take her photo, she asked if he could wait until after her meal.

Ever the gracious celeb, Kristen went outside, where a group of fans was waiting, and took pictures with them. "She was really nice and smiled and said bye before she left," a source said. But KStew sure looks uncomfortable surrounded by these girls...

By the way, the 23-year-old actress reportedly asked the girls not to post their pics onto social media, but they evidently could not resist.




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