06/18/2013 04:07 am ET

'Mistresses': Savi Tries To Put Her Affair Behind Her, But It's Not Going To Be That Easy (VIDEO)

Savi has been doing everything she could to try and put that affair with her coworker, Dominic, behind her on "Mistresses." While he seemed capable of simply moving on at work, this proved more of a challenge for Savi. She saw temptation in everything he did. So much so that she tried to remove herself from the case they were working on together.

That plan backfired, though, as the senior partner removed Dominic instead. But even growing tension at work is nothing compared to what awaited Savi at the end of the episode.

The final scene saw her in a bathroom early in the morning while her husband slept in the room next door. There, she was holding a pregnancy test with a positive reading. The advice Savi had gotten was to never cheat again, put the whole incident behind her and devote herself to her husband. This may prove difficult.

Considering that Dominic is black, it's going to be probably be pretty obvious if this baby is his as opposed to her husband, so simply assuming the child is her husband's is off the table. Nothing is ever easy.

“Is there any way Savi doesn’t fess up now, considering that if the baby is her black coworker’s, it’s gonna pretty obviously not be her fair-haired Australian hubby’s?" TVLine wondered. Our guess is that she'll hold off on making that decision as long as humanly possible.

Find out as "Mistresses" continues every Monday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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