06/18/2013 01:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Moving Bucket List: 6 Things You Must Do Before You Leave Your Old Life Behind (GIFs)

Moving is so difficult, I've known of friends who have stayed at the absolute worst apartments in order to avoid the task for as long as possible. And by "friends" I also mean "myself." I had come to my senses right before my 5th anniversary in a city I didn't necessarily like, in an apartment with floors so crooked my father was inspired to say "It's like you've already had two drinks when you come here." The move was hard, but living in what was most likely an illegally converted apartment was even harder.

So when you've made the decision to move, there's kind of a bucket list that needs to be written before you can close the chapter on that period of your life. Here's what it is:

- Stop buying groceries. Instead, order takeout from your favorite Chinese food place until you're sick of it. Honestly, it's hard to find a good Chinese food place. It'll probably be months or years before you find a decent one in your new neighborhood. Who knows what you'll do until then?

- Get a haircut. Like finding the right Chinese food place, finding a new stylist is another arduous process that can lead to temporarily uncomfortable outcomes.

- If you're moving from the city to the suburbs, enjoy the luxury of being able to walk home after a long night out.

- If you're moving from the suburbs to the city, enjoy the luxury of being able to shop in a grocery store that has normal-sized carts and normal prices.

- Take pictures. One day, your kids will ask you about your year of living in an apartment smaller than a closet.

- Have people over. Because you always said you would, but never got around to it.

Then comes the worst part -- the actual moving process. Hopefully, yours won't be as bad as the stories below.

Moving Horror Stories

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