06/18/2013 08:50 am ET Updated Jun 18, 2013

Pippa Middleton Cancels Tennis Match At Buckingham Palace's Urging, Sources Say

The queen of England may be a ceremonial figurehead these days, but that doesn't mean she doesn't wield any power over her subjects -- including Pippa Middleton.

The 29-year-old has now shown the ultimate sign of respect: She's put aside her love of tennis at the palace's request. As the duchess' little sister, Pippa has been rumored to opt out of major media appearances and even eschew a full-blown book tour to appease Buckingham Palace in the past.

Pips was reportedly scheduled to participate in a charity match at The Queen’s Club in London, but she pulled out at the last minute. Sources told The Telegraph that palace officials convinced her to cancel the appearance, since Queen Elizabeth II was slated to attend the Cartier Queen's Cup the very same day.

“Pippa was informed that it would not be prudent for her to participate,” the source said. “It was unfortunate we hadn’t addressed the issue earlier, but Miss Middleton took on board what we had to say.”

Aside from her ill-received career as a so-called "foodie" author, Pippa has become known for her affinity for tennis. She not only is a courtside regular, but she also penned a column for Vanity Fair on the subject. So while the latest rumors on her tennis match cancellation are only speculation at this point, we can't help but wonder if Buckingham Palace is none too pleased with Pippa's prominent position in the public eye.

Perhaps that's the reason she backed out of the tennis engagement. Or maybe Pippa just had plans with Nico Jackson that day. Should Pippa maintain a lower profile to respect the queen? Or should she do whatever she wants?

Pippa sure loves tennis:

Pippa Middleton Loves Her Some Tennis

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