06/19/2013 11:05 am ET

Tammy Strobel's 128-Square-Foot Tiny Home Gets Featured On HGTV's 'Extreme Homes' (VIDEO)

Sharing 128 square feet of living space would be hard enough with a cat, let alone two... and another person. But that's exactly what author and blogger Tammy Strobel calls "home." We've long admired her dedication to compact living, which we first wrote about in 2012. Strobel inspired us with her take on streamlining her life: "So I think not being constrained by stuff can be really liberating and it can allow you or others to focus on their loved ones."

HGTV's "Extreme Homes" paid Strobel a visit to chronicle what it's really like to live small. Watch the video above to check it out.

Strobel isn't the only one who's making the case that small is better. Check out the slideshow below to see other tiny homes from around all over the place.

Apartment Views From Around The World

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