06/19/2013 03:10 pm ET

Teens React To 'Catching Fire' Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

So, how did you react the first (and/or tenth) time you saw the "Catching Fire" trailer?

If you completely freaked out -- squealing, gasping and blurting out hilariously cheesy lines like, "THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!" -- trust us when we say you were not alone. In fact, you had the exact same reaction as the teens who participated in the latest installment of "Teens React," a popular YouTube comedy series from the Fine Brothers. Check out the "Catching Fire"-themed video above.

Between the incredibly funny sounds and faces being made by the "panel" of teens, one of them also shared a thoughtful explanation for why "The Hunger Games" resonated so strongly with his peers.

"The thing that people try and say about books and movies is that teenagers can relate to every aspect of it so that makes them love it," he said. "I disagree completely. I think the reason we love these extravagant things is because we can completely lose ourselves in it."

Do you think he's right? Sound off in the comments below or tweet your "HG" thoughts @HuffPostTeen!

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