06/19/2013 08:49 am ET Updated Jun 19, 2013

Whoopi Goldberg Hits Back At Twitter Critics: 'YOU LIED' (VIDEO)

Whoopi Goldberg hit back at critics on Twitter who accused "The View" co-host of defending comedian Bill Maher's use of the word "retarded."

At a recent comedy stand-up show, Maher reportedly referred to Sarah Palin's special needs son, Trig, as "retarded." The former Alaska governor responded to Maher on Twitter, calling him a "bully" who "hatefully mocks" so he could "feel big." During a roundtable discussion on "The View," co-host Barbara Walters partially defended Maher, saying that she did not think the comedian intended for the remark to be mean-spirited.

Goldberg added that she believed the term "retarded" had become derogatory over time. "I'm saying when I was a kid, it wasn't derogatory. We turned it into something that is so sort of crappy, that you know, we have to keep an eye on this because it's our responsibility to watch out for that you know," Goldberg said.

As media outlets wrote about "The View" table discussing Maher's joke and Walters' partially defending him, some folks on Twitter accused Goldberg of defending the use of the term. Goldberg, who left Twitter earlier this year due to the hostility she encountered, responded:

Goldberg was clearly in much higher spirits earlier on Tuesday.



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