06/20/2013 04:20 pm ET Updated Jun 20, 2013

Ai Weiwei Song: Artist Releases 'Laoma Tihua,' Single Off Upcoming Heavy Metal Album (VIDEO)

When art superstar Ai Weiwei said he was making a heavy metal album he was not kidding. The Chinese dissident artist has released not one, but two singles from his forthcoming record, "The Divine Comedy," the most recent being an obscenity-laden track titled "Laoma Tihua."

Like the last song, the playfully named "Dumbass," the second release was accompanied by a music video. But unlike the impressive production of "Dumbass" -- a short film in itself that recounts Ai's 81-day imprisonment back in 2011 -- the video for "Laoma Tihua" is a touch more low-fi.

The video features personal footage of Ai's interaction with Chinese authorities, including shots inside a police department and a clip of questionable police behavior on a public street. The striking visuals are accompanied by call-and-answer lyrics such as "Why are the cops breaching the door?/To see if you’re human" and "Why are you beating me?/So what if I beat you!"

Watch the entire video above and check out the translated lyrics here.



Ai Weiwei