06/20/2013 12:06 am ET

College Advice: What High School Grads Should And Shouldn't Do In College, According To Reddit


Graduating high school seniors: by now, you've probably talked with advisors, teachers, campus tour guides and gone through stacks of college-related articles and guidebooks. But what advice do you really want as you get ready for your freshman year away from home?

Reddit user lilit829 took to the social networking site to get some answers, posting the following message:

I'm a recently graduated high school student who is looking for advice about things I shouldn't do in college (especially freshman year). From what I've heard there are a lot of things that people hate about new college students and I would like to know what they are. Please feel free to share your own failures or cringe worthy stories about college!

Click through 15 of our favorite pieces of advice from the thread in the slideshow below, then tell us: do you agree? What tips would you add? Sound off in the comments or tweet @HuffPostTeen!

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