06/20/2013 08:15 am ET

'Couples Therapy': Joe Francis Says Dr. Jenn Doesn't Understand His Relationship (VIDEO)

"Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis pretty much fought with Dr. Jenn Berman throughout the latest episode of "Couples Therapy," accusing her of misunderstanding his relationship with girlfriend Abbey. When Dr. Jenn said that Joe was trying to control every aspect of their relationship, Joe said that wasn't the case at all. He then spent the rest of the episode proving that Dr. Jenn was absolutely right.

The group went on a rock-climbing exercise, tethering the couples together. Immediately, Joe decided that the best way to calm Abbey's nerves was to be playful. But this was more about what he wanted to do, as it didn't help her at all.

He was spinning her around on the tether, despite her protestations, and ultimately she fell on her bottom. Joe then told her to "get used to being tethered." He then told her, "That was your fault by the way," and told her not to embarrass him.

“He’s like putting too much pressure on me. It’s driving me crazy," Abbey said.

Later, when they were going up the wall, Joe did exactly what Dr. Jenn told him not to do and barked orders at Abbey the whole time. Dr. Jenn said that Joe was crushing Abbey's spirit. During the episode, she took to Twitter to say that it's important to be "tuned into" your partner, something Joe definitely was not.

See if the couples can work through their issues on "Couples Therapy," Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on VH1.

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