06/20/2013 05:04 pm ET Updated Jun 20, 2013

Cuba Gooding Jr.'s House For Sale In Northridge, Calif. (PHOTOS)


It's always cool to see where celebrities lived before they became celebrities. Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. kept ownership but long ago moved on from this 3,538-square-foot place in Northridge Calif. (better known for the earthquake named after it, not for it being a celeb-mecca). He bought it in 1999 for $439,000 and is now hoping to fetch $739,000 for the five-bedroom home. Cuba himself relocated about a year or so after buying it to a $3.5 million home in Pacific Palisades. More like it, right?

What happened in that ensuing year? Fame and fortune, of course, although his Oscar-winning role in "Jerry Maguire" occurred in 1996. Gooding has enjoyed a slow stream of work, including roles in "Men of Honor," "As Good As It Gets" and "What Dreams May Come." And how could we forget the poster for 2002's "Snow Dogs"? It's clear that there is only one "Jerry Maguire."

As notes, the listing photos suggest that the house he put on the market could use some upgrading. The listing puts it less kindly: It says the home “needs TLC” and will be sold “as-is.”

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Cuba Gooding Jr. Starter Home