06/20/2013 04:39 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Alan Chambers, Exodus International President, Talks Homosexuality And Organization's Closure

The president of Exodus International spoke out on HuffPost Live after officials announced plans to shutter the controversial ministry.

“The way that we shared our religious paradigm and caused people to believe that there was a cure,” Alan Chambers told Josh Zepps and Lisa Ling of the organization. Of the perception that the ministry once offered a “cure” for homosexuality, he added, “So that is something that we're deeply, deeply sorry for even though we would have never used the word cure to describe what we're doing.”

He said Exodus members are “ready to sit and have conversations with people for the common good and not for shooting people down or beating people up for the realities that they face in their life.”

Although his views on homosexuality “havent’ changed,” Chambers said, “That is not something I need to wield over someone. That is something that only serves me as an individual.”

He then added, “We can sit down at table, promote common good, have peace...and that's what I will give my life to.”



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