06/20/2013 09:16 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Ultimate Summer Guide To Shorts (PHOTOS)

Follow this simple guide for everything you need to know about wearing shorts this summer.

What are shorts?
Shorts are very similar to pants. In fact, some might call them "short pants" or "mini britches" but you should call them "shorts" if you don't want to get funny looks.

How do shorts work?
Shorts are applied to the person, again, much like pants. However, you should be aware that your legs are going to come out into the open air much faster with shorts than with pants and you should be prepared for that.
man legs

What will happen when I wear shorts?

Your legs will be visible to other people.

What should I do to prepare for wearing shorts?
Mentally prepare yourself. Remind yourself that your legs will be exposed to the elements and the peering eyeballs of strangers and loved ones alike. Be sure to make your peace with that.
man legs

Should I wear shorts?
The answer to this question lies at the end of a long journey of self discovery that many are too frightened to embark upon.
summer shorts

When should I wear shorts?
The decision is yours alone. Just look at your watch and ask, "is it leg time?"

Which shorts are right for me?
Anything but cargo shorts.

Are there any side effects from shorts?
Aside from tan lines and possible spikes or dips in self esteem, you might end up with a shorts-related nickname like Sir Shorts-a-Lot.
summer shorts

Why do people wear shorts?
Science has yet to provide an explanation as to why people wear shorts. We may never know.
shorts man



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