06/21/2013 05:58 pm ET

Dinosaur Wedding Photo: The Story Behind The Viral Shot (VIDEO)

Newlyweds James Lowder and Katie Young became internet superstars last month when a photo of their wedding party running from a T-Rex went viral, and they recently revealed the cute story behind the hilarious shot.

The couple told Louisiana local news station WGNO Thursday that dinosaurs have been a theme throughout their relationship: Lowder was wearing a T-Rex shirt on their first date and had a dinosaur bumper sticker on his car. They also have a dinosaur-print shower curtain and a dinosaur pillow in their home.

Young said during their photo shoot, photographer Quinn Miller suggested the wedding party pretend they were running from a dinosaur, and afterwards, he Photoshopped in the T-Rex.

"We just want to keep our relationship youthful and fun and show our personalities, and I think the photo really did that for us," Young said.

Watch the video above for more, and find out how Miller captured the shot here.

The photo spawned several copycats, including this Star Wars shot and this bizarre shark photo.

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