06/21/2013 09:38 am ET

John Legend On Kanye West, Drone Strikes: Singer Defends 'Yeezus' Rapper, Obama

John Legend defended President Barack Obama and praised "Yeezus" during a recent appearance on HuffPost Live.

When asked about drone strikes, Legend cited drones as an "alternative to full-scale war," referring to comments made in a recent speech Obama delivered about the controversial tactic.

"We have to weigh the benefits of it versus the cost of it, which, first of all, we know there's legitimate collateral damage that happens. ... There's real human cost to these things, and I don't envy the president because I know it's a difficult issue to balance."

Shifting the focus to Kanye West, as one does, Legend called "Yeezus" one of the rapper's "most ambitious and adventurous albums."

"Musically, it's quite a wild ride," Legend said. "What I love about Kanye is that he pushes his audience to hear new sounds, to kind of disturb their notion of what he used to do ... and do something disruptive musically."

Legend discusses Obama and drones in the video above. Watch him talk about West here.



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