06/21/2013 08:41 am ET

Kelly Rowland Dishes Dirty Laundry About Beyonce On 'Watch What Happens: Live' (VIDEO)

Kelly Rowland faced tough questions on "Watch What Happens: Live." Andy Cohen wanted her to dish some real dirty laundry on Beyonce. So he challenged her to name one thing that is annoying about her former Destiny's Child bandmate.

“She would tell you this -- she’s a slob," Rowland said. But then she qualified it by adding, "Maybe she’s gotten better since being a mother, but she’s got a lot on her brain -- you can tell it’s a lot going on.”

Even while dishing so-called "dirty laundry" on Beyonce, Rowland is sweet and nice. While Rowland didn't go into anything, there are other sources that are willing to say that Beyonce can be a bit of a diva.

These types of questions stem from Rowland's new single, also called "Dirty Laundry." In the song, she references Beyonce's huge career. But Rowland insists it's not about her being jealous of Beyonce's success. And, in fact, Beyonce was supportive of the song.

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