06/21/2013 02:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Michael Diamond, Jr., 8-Year-Old Ohio Boy, Runs Kool-Aid Stand To Pay For Grandma's Funeral (VIDEO)

Business was so brisk at his 8-year-old son's Kool-Aid stand, Michael Diamond, Sr., had to stock up on cups Friday near his Garfield Heights, Ohio, home.

The elder Diamond appreciates his son's enterprise -- but admires his heart even more. Michael Diamond, Jr., opened the stand on Tuesday to raise money for his grandmother's funeral.

Bobbie Diamond passed away Father's Day at age 52 from cancer. The lad heard his mom and dad, both on disability, discussing the $5,000 ceremony cost and he wanted to pitch in.

This is one Kool kid.

"I'm very proud," the father told The Huffington Post. "Words cannot express how I feel right now."

As for how his deceased mother -- and Michael Jr.'s grandmother -- would feel, the elder Diamond said, "My mom would probably sit back and cry and say 'Thank you, Jesus.' My mother was very spiritual."

Young Michael began Tuesday, earning a respectable $173 in a few days. But sales picked up drastically after Cleveland station WOIO ran a story (see the segment above).

The total has grown to $1,100, the father estimated. That's a staggering figure considering that Michael was selling 16-ounce cups for $1 and 8-ounce cups for 50 cents. (Pink Lemonade and Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade have been among the favorites.)

Corporate help may be on the way, too. Kraft Foods, the parent of Kool-Aid, told HuffPost it had gotten wind of the story and was deeply touched. "We are looking into the situation and how we could help support Michael and his family in this endeavor," a spokesman wrote.

Michael plans to work the stand through Sunday. The funeral for Bobbie Diamond is Tuesday.

If she were here, dare we say she'd be pleased as punch at what her grandson is doing.

"I say she would be happy," Michael told HuffPost.


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